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Carson's Army: The Ulster Volunteer Force, 1910--22 Neural Networks: Theoretical Foundations and Analysis Uncoverings 1990 (Vol. 11) Introductory Circuit Analysis (12th Edition) On Giants' Shoulders: Great Scientists And Their Discoveries From Archimedes To Dna The Cambridge History of Science: Volume 4, Eighteenth-Century Science The Gin Girl Fly, Eagle, Fly: An African Tale Shop London: A Guide Dynamic Assessment in Couple Therapy Girlfriend from Hades (Surviving a Relationship Born in the Ninth Circle of Hell) Bridezilla Whose Word Is It? The Box and the Shiny Red Ball Part 3 censorship: the silencing of conservative talk radio Delicious Combo by Dr. Guo: Award-Winning Poems, Touching Stories, and Hilarious Jokes Generalized Tate Cohomology (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society)